The most important aspects of any project are the investor's safety and profit. That is why we bring a unique project that includes not only a digital project but also a real asset that will add value to and secure this project.
  • Co-Working Space By carrying out the concept of transparency and open space, co-working space can be a medium for every individual in it to be more active in interacting, learning and working. The Okeycoin community will get vochers as well as other special offers at the OKEYVERSE co-working space located in Bali by becoming a holder of a certain amount of tokens.
For digital projects, we will create an All in One Platform Application "OKEYVERSE" in which there are several interconnected applications.
  • De-Fi which will be used to Swap OKEYCOIN and Staking.
  • Web3 Social Media this platform is a web3-based social media platform, where users can Become a content creator can earn income by creating articles, posting videos, photos, Live Streaming and building your own community all-in-one platform.
  • NFT and Win To Earn Play-to-Earn (W2E) games are a type of game where gamers can earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs through their gaming activities.